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THRA - Partners Description

THRA's Target/Partner CSOs

THRA's Target/Partner CSOs

        CSO'S FULL NAME                                        ACRONYM     PROVINCE

  1. Afghan Disable and Vulnerable Society                  ADVS        Nangarhar
  2. Community Development and Social Affairs Charity Organization CDSACO     Nangarhar
  3. Nejat Welfare Production Organization                   NWPO      Nangarhar
  4. Ghawchak Scholars and Youth Association                    GSYA      Nangarhar
  5. Nangarhar Handicraft Producers Association              NHPA     Nangarhar
  6. Reconstruction and Social Service for Afghanistan Organization  RSSAO     Nangarhar
  7. Afghan Trust Development Service Organization               ATDSO      Nangarhar
  8. Tawfeeq Coopration aaand Development Organization         TCDO     Nangarhar
  9. Humanitarian Organization for Advocacy and Development     HOAD    Nangarhar
  10. Organization of Charity Social and Development for Afghanistan    OCSDA   Nangarhar
  11. Sound Humanitarian, Participatory and Organizational Uplift     SHPOUL    Nangarhar
  12. Organization for Research & Skills Training for Women         ORSTW   Nangarhar
  13. Afghan Women Welfare Department                  AWWD     Nangarhar
  14. Organization for Human Relief                    OHR        Nangarhar
  15. Afghan Women Education Service & Development Organization    AWESDO      Nangarhar
  16. Bright Future for Afghan Needful Organization           BFANO       Nangarhar
  17. Afghan Women Agricultural Association              AWAA      Nangarhar
  18. Laghman Women Carpet Weaving Association           LWCWA     Laghman
  19. Afghan Blind Management                    ABM        Laghman
  20. Afghan Women United Development Organization          AWUDO     Laghman