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THRA has just been certified by Afghanistan Institute for Civil Society (AICS) as an active Afghan CSO having standard system and procedures and providing quality services.
THRA Jalalabad Office provides free of cost capacity building services to women and girls, those interested can contact the office.

Babaryan CBO seminar Report

Abdian CBO Seminar Report

THRA Main Office

Kabul: Flat # 01, Block # 103, 2nd Macroryan , Kabul-  Afghanistan
Phone #: +93700286774 – + 93799155532
Post Box#: 125, central post box, Kabul, Afghanistan

Nangarhar: West of Mehterlam Baba Mosque, Stream # 07, Jalalabad city, Nangarhar- Afghanistan
Phone #: +93781311867 / +93773690480

Kunar: Bilal Plaza, Asadabad, Kunar- Afghanistan
Phone #: +93774892403

Email & Web Addresses

thra.rights@gmail.com | roshan.sirran@gmail.com

Web: www.thra.org.af


In case of any question, please contact the following email addresses and contact numbers.

1. Executive Director 

Ms. Roshan Sirran

Email: roshan.Sirran@gmail.com / thra.rights@gmail.com 

Cell #: +93700286774

2. Program & Regional Manager

Mr. Mohammad Abrahim Mamoond

Email: mamoond123@gmail.com / a.mamoond@thra.org.af

Cell #: +93771739748

3. Human Resources Manager

Razma Hamdil

Email: razma.thra@yahoo.com / r.hamdil@thra.org.af

Cell #:+ 93799155532

4. Finance & Admin Manager

Jina Omid Sahim

Email:  jina_thra@yahoo.com / j.omidsahim@thra.org.af

Cell #: + 93799155532

5. Organizational Development Officer

Ziaullah Mohammadi

Email: ziaullah200@gmail.com  / z.mohammadi@thra.org.af

Cell #: +93774-892-403 / +93781-273-820

6. Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Atiqullah Taibzada

Email: atiqullah.taibzada@gmail.com / a.taibzada@thra.org.af

Cell #: +93787 027 009 / +93774 23 23 45


“Realization of a prosperous and impartial society where women have equal rights and better opportunities in all aspects of their life”.


"“To contribute in building of a prosperous and impartial society through public awareness creation, advocacy, and improving socio-economic condition of people in Afghanistan with focus on women".


"“Transparency, Justice, Honesty, Mutual Respect, Devotion, Openness to Criticism, Flexibility, Creativity, Equality and Gender sensitivity".


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