THRA has just been certified by Afghanistan Institute for Civil Society (AICS) as an active Afghan CSO having standard system and procedures and providing quality services.
THRA Jalalabad Office provides free of cost capacity building services to women and girls, those interested can contact the office.

Babaryan CBO seminar Report

Abdian CBO Seminar Report

Training Human Rights Association (THRA) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization working in the areas of human rights awareness, Afghan women’s capacity development, advocacy, CSOs capacity building and gender.  Founded in1997, THRA is led and staffed by Afghan women. THRA’s primary goal is to raise communities’ awareness of women’s rights based on Universal Declaration of Human rights, UN conventions as well as women’s Islamic rights.

THRA supports Afghan women recognize and claim their rights and empower them to realize their social, political and economic rights. We believe in women’s equality with men and consider women’s education and awareness of their rights essential for their realization of the human rights.   We promote women’s economic, social and political participation in all spheres of Afghanistan’s development.

THRA began its work in Kabul and Nangarhar. As per the need, THRA worked through projects in provinces such as, Nangarhar, Nuristan, Logar, Parwan, Kunar, Paktiya, Herat, Kapisa, Laghman, Mazar, Wardak and Ghazni. THRA implemented programs for women’s capacity development, women’s participation, civic education, CSOs capacity building, providing technical assistance, advocacy, public awareness, networking, elections observation, re-granting etc.

THRA is an active partner/member with some regional, national and international networks and CSOs i.e. Democracy International (DI), founding & board member of the ACSEN network, board member of Women Alliance for Virtual Exchange (WAVE) based in Lebanon, board member of Afghan Women’s Network (AWN), partner with FIDOKAR- Tajikistan, deputy of the East Region CSOs Unity Movement, member of the CPI/ICNL advocacy working group, most active working organ in the east region in the matters of advocacy, gender, civic engagement and women rights, THRA has 20 partner CSOs and 5 women led CBOs in the east region, who always support THRA for quality implementations of its strategies, programs and projects.

 THRA has received financial support from a wide range of donors so far. The organization has been supported financially by British Embassy, Counterpart International (CPI), Democracy International (DI), Rights and Democracy, GTZ, DED, AGEF, Canadian Embassy, Civil Society and Human Rights Network (CSHRN), USAID, US embassy, UNAMA, OXFAM GB, French Embassy, Free and Fair Elections for Afghanistan (FEFA), National Endowment for Democracy (NED), ACSEN, AWN, Women’s Alliance for Virtual Exchange (WAVE), FIDOKOR Tajikistan, UNIFAM-EVAW, GCAP, ACSNOP, Leadership Council for Human Rights, Global Rights, NOVIB, Canada Fund, AIHRC and APDA.

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“Realization of a prosperous and impartial society where women have equal rights and better opportunities in all aspects of their life”.


"“To contribute in building of a prosperous and impartial society through public awareness creation, advocacy, and improving socio-economic condition of people in Afghanistan with focus on women".


"“Transparency, Justice, Honesty, Mutual Respect, Devotion, Openness to Criticism, Flexibility, Creativity, Equality and Gender sensitivity".


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